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King of Thieves

Please download your copy of my latest song-writing release, King of Thieves, available on Christina Grimmie's debut album "Find Me". Only available on I Tunes…
aimeeproal Jun 21, 2011
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Joe Cocker's latest album "Hard Knocks" is now out in the UK and Germany. Check out "The Fall" co-written by me, thank you ! <3
aimeeproal Oct 02, 2010

"TROUBLE IS" and NEW MOON Twilight sequel

I just found out about this, but you can hear a preview of "Trouble Is"  (a song I wrote with Ron Aniello and Shelly Pieken) during Allison…
aimeeproal Nov 27, 2009


Just Like You has initially received a very positive review. In his official review of the album, Entertainment Weekly writer Michael Slezak gave the album…
aimeeproal Nov 25, 2009

Trouble is... I like the taste too much and I can't think straight.

Hey guys,  It's been kind of a while.  It's taken me a minute to get adjusted and have some time to myself... crazy couple of months. …
aimeeproal Nov 07, 2009

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"Save You" on FOX's So You Think You Can Dance

So the bad news is ... I didn't write this sooner.  But the good news is, if you're in California then there is still time…
aimeeproal Jun 04, 2009

Perez Hilton

Perez posted a clip of last night's show of Spencer apologizing to Lauren with "Save You" playing in the background.  Check it out, it's pretty…
aimeeproal May 26, 2009

Save You featured on MTV's The Hills tonight

I'm excited to share this wonderful news of ANOTHER placement on The Hills! Save You performed by Miss Kelly Clarkson, written by myself and Ryan…
aimeeproal May 25, 2009

"LA Bitch" Featured on MTV's THE HILLS tonight!

Please tune in tonight at 10pm (or the first rerun at 11pm) to watch the new episode of The Hills tonight on MTV. A song…
aimeeproal Apr 20, 2009
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T&G newspaper

A picture from my article. I was so busy today flying in and out of New York, I didn't get a chance to see myself…
aimeeproal Apr 02, 2009
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Kelly Day

A picture of me on March 10 2009 at Walmart picking up a copy of my very first major release as a song writer on…
aimeeproal Mar 11, 2009
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Kelly Clarkson "All I Ever Wanted"

My first major release as a song-writer. "SAVE YOU" number 8 :)
aimeeproal Mar 10, 2009

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Head over to to preview Kelly Clarkson's new album All I Ever Wanted! A song I wrote called "Save You", that a lot of…
aimeeproal Mar 07, 2009
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. aimée proal .

Growing up with a modest start in Worcester Massachusetts, Aimée occupied herself with her natural love for music from an early age. Not much of this can be explained as she wasn't brought up with a musical background. Her dad provided for the family as a truck driver, delivering cars to dealerships all over. And her mother always had a entrepreneurial spirit which supplied extra financial support for the household.

"I've been singing since I was 2. It's all I've ever known. I remember being in timeout with my older sister when we were baby sat. I got released early because our sitter wanted me to sing for her. My sister had to stay put and finish her time. It wasn't very fair, but it worked for me."

Smooth, melodic, and powerful, her voice is a result of studying a wide range of influences that can be found on an infinite playlist in her I Pod. Followed up with sincere lyrics and a passionate delivery, this songstress has a writing style all her own. Alongside singing her entire life, Aimée has had a knack for song-writing for most of it as well.

"I wrote my first song when I was 7. Granted it was about recycling, but I've always had good instincts when it came to melody and lyrics. I would say I learned it from listening to the radio and being raised on MTV."

As much as music was a release and a good outlet to channel her energy, it could also get her into trouble at times;

"I was kicked out of choir twice because I would never show up for practice. I couldn't stay focused running up and down scales so I was never formally trained. My grades in school suffered because I would sing for hours everyday and write songs instead of finishing my homework. Every year I was just barely holding on and would avoid being held back a grade. Somehow I still managed to get into every college I applied for... must've been that essay."

Currently not attending college, Aimée has been and is vigorously pursuing her career in music. Working in LA and New York with a number of different writers and producers including (but not limited to) Ron Aniello (Lifehouse), Dave Hodges (Evanescence, Kelly Clarkson), Ryan Tedder (One Republic, Leona Lewis), Claude Kelly (Britney Spears, Akon), RedOne (Lady Gaga), Shelly Peiken (Natasha Bedingfield), and many more. She's written well over 60 songs during the past couple years on her own, with other writers and producers mentioned, and then some. One song out of the bunch in particular, appears on the new Kelly Clarkson Album "All I Ever Wanted". A song titled "Save You" written with Ryan Tedder of One Republic. This is Aimée's first major release as a song-writer.

"It's pretty overwhelming to have a break like this happen. I'm ten years ahead of what's considered a normal first break for a song-writer. It would've been common to go at it for a decade and not get a cut until I was 30, so I feel extremely fortunate to be so young and have this opportunity."

Unafraid, determined, and relentless, Aimée Proal is on a quest to conquer the music industry and isn't stopping anytime soon. Stay tuned.

-February 2009


Singing, song-writing, playing the piano.

Favorite Music:

is a big part of my life

Favorite Movies:

the never ending story

Favorite TV Shows:

I Love Lucy

Favorite Books:

Smashed, Books that have baked goods and murders at the same time (i.e. Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder)